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Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers || Abu Dhabi aviation company careers || Urgent Hiring || Apply Now

Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers

Great News || If you’re living in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai, then you should know that a large number of Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers have recently been announced. If you get a job Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers, then you’ll have the opportunity to earn good money. If you’d like to try your luck and discover for yourself what positions are open for applications, then follow this link:

Set up your CV and apply for this awesome United Arab Emirates association Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers are a phenomenal opportunity for anyone searching for work in Dubai. Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers gives serious pay rates as well as other appealing advantages.

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Jobs Details: Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers

 Organization Name  Abu Dhabi Aviation
 Job Location  Abu Dhabi Across UAE
 Nationality  Any Nationality Can Apply
 Education  Equivalent Degree
 Experience  As Per The Job Description
 Salary Range  Depending Upon Position
 Benefits  Excellent
 Posted Date 18 July 2024

Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers

Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers
Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers

About Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers :

Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) is a renowned aviation company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a rich history spanning over four decades. Established in 1976 as a joint venture between the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and a private investor, ADA has evolved into one of the region’s leading aviation companies, providing a diverse range of helicopter and fixed-wing services.

History and Evolution :

ADA commenced its operations with a modest fleet, primarily focusing on helicopter services catering to the oil and gas industry. Over time, the company diversified its portfolio to include services in various sectors, such as aerial surveys, medical evacuations, search and rescue operations, VIP transportation, and more.

Fleet and Operations

The company boasts a modern and diverse fleet of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. These aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to meet the demanding requirements of its clients across different industries. ADA’s commitment to safety and excellence has been a cornerstone of its operations, ensuring the highest standards of service delivery.

Global Presence

While based in Abu Dhabi, the company’s reach extends far beyond the UAE. ADA has established itself as an internationally recognized aviation entity, undertaking operations in several countries worldwide. Its expansion and commitment to quality have solidified its position as a key player in the global aviation industry.

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Career Opportunities :

Employment Philosophy

ADA values talent and expertise, recognizing that its success is driven by the dedication and proficiency of its workforce. The company offers a dynamic and inclusive work environment, fostering a culture of innovation, professionalism, and continuous growth.

Job Categories

  1. Flight Operations: ADA provides opportunities for pilots, offering positions for both helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. Pilots undergo rigorous training and are integral to the company’s operations across various sectors.
  2. Maintenance and Engineering: The maintenance and engineering teams ensure the fleet’s airworthiness, employing skilled professionals in roles such as aircraft technicians, engineers, and maintenance supervisors.
  3. Administrative and Support Roles: From finance and human resources to logistics and administrative positions, ADA offers diverse opportunities for individuals to contribute to the company’s success.
  4. Specialized Services: ADA recruits specialists in areas like safety management, quality assurance, and aviation technology to ensure compliance with industry standards and technological advancements.

Career Development and Benefits :

ADA is committed to nurturing talent and supporting professional growth. Employees have access to continuous training programs, workshops, and development opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge. The company also offers competitive compensation packages, healthcare benefits, and other incentives to attract and retain top talent.

Application Process :

Recruitment Procedures

Prospective candidates can apply for positions through ADA’s official website or through recruitment agencies affiliated with the company. The application process typically involves submitting a resume or curriculum vitae along with relevant certifications and qualifications.

Selection Criteria

ADA seeks individuals who not only possess the requisite skills and qualifications but also align with the company’s values of safety, professionalism, and dedication. Candidates undergo a comprehensive evaluation process, which may include interviews, assessments, and technical evaluations. abudhabi aviation careers

Training and Onboarding

Selected candidates undergo thorough training programs tailored to their specific roles within the company. This training ensures that employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their positions.

List Of Positions In Abu Dhabi aviation company careers :

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Assuming you are perusing this post this implies you are prepared and need to go after the Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers. Indeed, it is extremely straightforward. Following you can see one email address. It is the immediate email of the recruiting group in Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers Simply send your resume (CV) to the accompanying email address. We would strongly suggest you change your CV according to the organization’s profile or according to the expected set of responsibilities. By this, your possibilities of landing positions in Dubai will naturally be expanded. We hope everything turns out great for you of karma. Abu Dhabi Aviation Careers

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