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IHG Careers

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1 IHG Careers

Incredible News!! IHG Careers are open Now. Dubai is a brilliant state in the United Arab Emirates. Which is additionally called the place that is known for amazing open doors, where numerous potential open doors are generally accessible for everybody. All in all, would you say you are prepared to apply for these superb Dubai inn opportunities?

IHG Hotels Careers
IHG Hotels Careers

Then, at that point, simply set up your CV and apply for this brilliant organization in the United Arab Emirates. IHG Careers is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for any individual who needs to look for Good work in Dubai. IHG Careers offers great compensation in addition to other wonderful impetuses also.

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Jobs Details: IHG Careers

 Hotel Name IHG Hotel
 Job Location  Dubai Across UAE || USA || KSA
 Nationality  Any Nationality Can Apply
 Education  Equivalent Degree
 Experience  As Per The Job Description
 Salary Range  Depending Upon Position
 Benefits  Excellent
 Posted Date 13 June 2024

IHG Careers

IHG Careers
IHG Careers

About IHG Careers:

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is a global leader in the hospitality industry, offering a diverse portfolio of well-known brands that cater to travelers across the world. With a reputation for exceptional service and a commitment to employee development, IHG has become an employer of choice in the hospitality sector. This article delves into IHG’s corporate culture, values, employee-centric approach, career development programs, and the wide array of career opportunities it provides, making it an attractive destination for aspiring hospitality professionals.

Company Overview

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) traces its roots back to 1777 with the founding of Bass Brewery in the United Kingdom. Over the years, the company went through various mergers and acquisitions, eventually forming what is now known as IHG. Today, IHG is a leading global hotel company with a vast network of hotels, resorts, and brands that cater to different segments of the market. IHG Careers

IHG’s portfolio includes well-known brands like InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Kimpton, EVEN Hotels, and many more. Each brand offers a unique experience, tailored to the needs and preferences of travelers around the world. IHG Careers

Company Values

At the heart of IHG’s success lies its commitment to a set of core values that shape its corporate culture and guide its actions:

  1. People First: IHG places a strong emphasis on its people, valuing diversity, inclusivity, and a supportive work environment. The company believes that engaged and motivated employees are instrumental in delivering exceptional guest experiences.
  2. Responsible Business: IHG is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably. The company focuses on reducing its environmental impact, supporting local communities, and conducting business ethically.
  3. True Hospitality: IHG’s core purpose is to provide True Hospitality for everyone. This means going beyond the expected to create memorable moments and personalized experiences for guests and employees alike.
  4. Leadership: IHG fosters a culture of leadership at all levels, encouraging employees to take ownership of their roles, inspire others, and drive positive change.

IHG Careers and Employee Experience

IHG considers its employees as its greatest asset, and the company is dedicated to creating a positive and enriching employee experience. Whether starting their careers or seeking new opportunities within the organization, IHG provides employees with the support and resources they need to thrive. IHG Careers

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: IHG believes in fostering an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity in all its forms. The company values the unique perspectives and backgrounds of its employees and recognizes that diversity drives innovation and creativity. IHG Careers
  2. Career Development: IHG is passionate about the growth and development of its employees. The company offers a wide range of training and development programs, both in-person and online, to enhance employees’ skills and expertise.
  3. Talent Development: IHG’s talent development initiatives focus on identifying and nurturing high-potential individuals within the organization. These programs provide opportunities for career advancement and leadership roles.
  4. Mobility and Global Opportunities: With a presence in over 100 countries, IHG offers employees the chance to work in diverse locations around the world. This global exposure allows employees to broaden their horizons and gain valuable cross-cultural experiences.
  5. Employee Recognition: IHG understands the importance of recognizing and rewarding employee contributions. The company has various recognition programs in place to celebrate outstanding achievements and exceptional service.
  6. Wellness and Work-Life Balance: IHG is committed to the well-being of its employees. The company provides wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, and other initiatives to support a healthy work-life balance. IHG Careers

Career Opportunities at IHG

IHG’s global footprint and diverse portfolio of brands create a plethora of career opportunities across various functions and locations. Some of the key areas where aspiring hospitality professionals can find opportunities at IHG include:

  1. Front Office and Guest Services: From front desk agents to concierge services, these roles are essential in ensuring positive guest experiences.
  2. Food and Beverage: Careers in food and beverage encompass various roles, including chefs, servers, bartenders, and restaurant managers.
  3. Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing professionals play a crucial role in promoting IHG’s brands and driving revenue.
  4. Operations and Management: Operations and management roles involve overseeing the day-to-day functioning of IHG properties, ensuring high-quality service delivery.
  5. Finance and Accounting: Finance and accounting professionals handle financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis for IHG’s operations.
  6. Human Resources: The HR team at IHG is responsible for talent acquisition, employee engagement, training, and development.
  7. Information Technology: IT professionals support IHG’s technological infrastructure and digital initiatives.
  8. Revenue Management: Revenue management teams analyze market data and consumer trends to optimize pricing and maximize revenue.

Employee Testimonials

Jennifer, a sales manager at an IHG property, shares her experience, “Working at IHG has been an incredible journey. The company’s commitment to employee development has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, and that has enriched my career.” IHG Careers

Michael, a chef at an IHG resort, says, “I’m proud to be part of the IHG family. The company’s focus on sustainability and responsible business practices aligns with my values. IHG’s commitment to employee well-being has also allowed me to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which is crucial in our industry.” IHG Careers


InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is more than just a hospitality giant; it is a company that values its employees, prioritizes their growth, and fosters a culture of inclusion and respect. Aspiring hospitality professionals looking for rewarding and diverse career opportunities will find a welcoming and supportive environment at IHG. With a wide range of benefits, global exposure, and a commitment to True Hospitality, IHG empowers its employees to flourish in their careers while delivering exceptional experiences to guests worldwide.

List Of New Jobs In IHG Careers :

Housekeeping Attendant at InterContinental Dubai Marina

Head Concierge

Host/Hostess – Zaytoun – Crowne Plaza

Portfolio Revenue Manager (Remote Italy)

Host/Hostess – Anise – InterContinental

Catering & Events Manager

Chef de Cuisine

Specialist Indirect Tax

Public Area Attendant at Holiday Inn & Suites Science Park

Chef de Partie

Director, Communications IMEA

Restaurant & Bar Manager

Finance Clerk (Part Time) | Crowne Plaza Melbourne

Food & Beverage Team Leader (Part-Time) 

Room Attendant 

Room Attendant – ZYSOA

Business Development Executive (Full Time) | InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto

Franchise Hotel – Guest Service Agent for InterContinental Bellevue at the Avenue

Marketing Financial Operations Manager

VIP Guest Services – InterContinental Hayman Island Resort

Hayman Island Resort (HISHA), Hayman Island, Whitsunday Islands

Duty Manager

Night Manager

Laundry Attendant

Kitchen Steward

Chef de Partie Pastry

Manager, Performance Marketing

Part Time – Overnight – Front Desk Agent – ZYEAB

Hostperson (Dekkadance) – InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

Attendant Room

Part Time – Laundry Attendant – MFLYD

Bartender (Full Time) – InterContinental Houston

Part Time – Overnight – Front Desk Agent – MFLYD

Front Office Night Manager

Attendant Room

Auditor Night

Part Time – Laundry Attendant – ZYAPB

Assistant Manager – Housekeeping

Loss Prevention/Security Officer (Full Time) – InterContinental Houston

Front Desk Agent (Full-Time) l InterContinental Miami Downtown

Franchise Hotel – Overnight Housekeeper Saturday and Sunday

Franchise Hotel – Breakfast Host

Room Attendant (Full Time) – Holiday Inn San Antonio Riverwalk

Steward (Full Time – PM Shift) – Holiday Inn San Antonio Riverwalk

More 3000+ Jobs In IHG Hotels Careers ( Click Here To Apply )

Salary & Benefits :

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is renowned not only for its exceptional guest experiences but also for its commitment to nurturing a talented and dedicated workforce. As a global leader in the hospitality industry, IHG understands the significance of providing competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits to attract and retain top talent. This article explores IHG’s approach to employee compensation, its array of benefits, and the initiatives it undertakes to create a rewarding and fulfilling career experience for its employees.

ihg jobs
ihg jobs

Competitive Salaries

IHG recognizes that offering competitive salaries is instrumental in attracting and retaining skilled professionals in the competitive hospitality sector. The company ensures that its salary packages align with market standards and industry benchmarks. Employees at IHG can expect:

  1. Market-Competitive Base Salaries: IHG provides competitive base salaries, tailored to the specific roles and responsibilities of its employees. These salaries are designed to attract talented individuals to the organization.
  2. Performance-Based Incentives: In addition to base salaries, IHG offers performance-based incentives that reward employees for exceptional achievements and contributions. This motivates employees to excel in their roles and drive exceptional guest experiences. IHG Careers
  3. Salary Reviews: IHG conducts regular salary reviews to ensure that its compensation packages remain competitive and reflective of market trends. These reviews take into account individual performance, industry standards, and employee feedback.

Comprehensive Benefits

IHG goes beyond competitive salaries by providing a wide range of benefits that enhance the overall well-being and job satisfaction of its employees. These benefits are designed to address the diverse needs of the workforce and may include:

  1. Healthcare Coverage: IHG offers comprehensive healthcare coverage, including medical, dental, and vision plans. Employees and their eligible dependents have access to quality healthcare services, promoting a healthy and secure lifestyle.
  2. Retirement Savings Plans: The company recognizes the importance of long-term financial security. IHG provides retirement savings plans, such as 401(k) or pension schemes, to help employees plan for a financially stable future.
  3. Paid Time Off (PTO): IHG understands the significance of work-life balance. The company offers a generous PTO policy, encompassing vacation days, holidays, and personal days, enabling employees to recharge and spend time with loved ones.
  4. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): IHG provides EAPs that offer confidential counseling and support services for employees facing personal or work-related challenges.
  5. Career Development: IHG is committed to the growth and professional development of its employees. The company offers various training and development programs to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge.
  6. Employee Discounts: Employees enjoy attractive discounts on hotel stays, dining, and other services offered by IHG, making it a rewarding experience to be a part of the company.
  7. Wellness Programs: IHG promotes employee wellness through various programs, such as fitness classes, wellness workshops, and health screenings, fostering a healthy and productive workforce.
  8. Employee Recognition: IHG understands the importance of recognizing and rewarding employee contributions. The company has various recognition programs in place to celebrate outstanding achievements and exceptional service.
  9. Flexible Work Arrangements: IHG recognizes the importance of flexibility in managing work and personal commitments. Where feasible, the company offers flexible work arrangements to support its employees’ needs.

Employee Testimonials

Emily, a front desk agent at an IHG property, shares her experience, “IHG not only provides a competitive salary but also offers a comprehensive benefits package that takes care of my well-being and that of my family. The health coverage is great, and the PTO policy allows me to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.” IHG Careers

David, a restaurant manager at an IHG hotel, says, “IHG’s commitment to employee development has been a game-changer for my career. I’ve been able to attend workshops and training programs that have helped me grow as a leader and improve the guest experience at our restaurant.” IHG Careers


InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) demonstrates its commitment to its talented team through competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits that enhance employee well-being and job satisfaction. By providing attractive compensation packages, healthcare coverage, retirement savings plans, and various other benefits, IHG fosters a positive and rewarding work environment. The company’s dedication to employee development and recognition reinforces a culture of excellence and fosters a motivated and engaged workforce. As a result, IHG continues to thrive as a global leader in the hospitality industry, offering exceptional guest experiences and empowering its employees to pursue fulfilling careers. IHG Careers

How to Apply for IHG Careers Vacancies:

In the event that you are intrigued to go after any of the positions over, it’s exceptionally straightforward simply send your most recent CV/resume to the accompanying email address. It is a brilliant opportunity for you. Never pass up on this opportunity. Presently you have the immediate HR email. IHG Careers

The HR office is the division in an organization that is capable to recruit possibility for empty positions. Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Simply set up your best CV and send it to the accompanying email address. We hope everything works out for you of karma.

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